Culture not capital

this is about culture outside of the bubble of that l-word, 'london'. this is about showing that creativity thrives and craft comes to life outside of the l-word, the presumed cultural centre. 

This is an act of amicable resistance. It's a gentle reminder that culture is more than its capital - that creativity can thrive outside the L-word hubbub.

The North/South divide isn't just characterised by a long history of inequality in arts and cultural funding. It's more than that: it's taken for granted that culture, creativity, cosmopolitanism cannot survive without the L-word. 

"To hell with that!" This is about culture not capital. This is creativity without the L-word. These are people who are shaping their respective crafts with vigour and innovation, with energy and skill. 

This is an act of amicable resistance, about  the L-word. this is culture outside of the capital, and these are people cultivating networks and creating culture. this is not a rejection of that L-word, London, but an appreciation of life outside of Zone 6.




Ben | Illustrator | Brighton

Lou | Illustrator | Leeds

Benjamin | Designer | Leeds

Emma | Artist | Leeds

Michaela | Photographer | Leeds

Beth | Podcaster | Newcastle