Mary Kelly


Nr Magazine, Vol. 9

“What makes art, art? Perhaps, on one level, it is its ability to reflect the past and the present into the future: mimicking the current, in order to move forward. Such is the case with Mary Kelly, a pioneer of conceptual art in the 1970s: whilst her early work remains instrumental today, she has continued to develop and adapt her practise as time goes on. A solo exhibition of her work, Post-Partum Document (1973-9) at the ICA, London, in 1976 was met with outrage that an artist dared display soiled nappies on the wall in the name of art. Kelly was responding to the conceptual art movement in a way she, as a mother, knew how.”

The full interview is available here, and Vol. 9 of NR Magazine is available for purchase here.

June 2019

Image Credits: Mary Kelly

Art, Interview, NREllen Brown